Niobium Wires
Silver Beads and Silver Seeds


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Niobium Ear Wires With Sterling Silver Beads and Sterling Silver Seeds of Liberty

Assembled in Montana USA. 
Price includes postage and handling within USA.


About Niobium

Niobium is naturally hypoallergenic, making this ear wire especially suited for customers with metal sensitivities.  One may learn much about this relatively new metal at the website for – Go  to This Link

From that page we read

Niobium in Jewelry

“Have you ever been in a body piercing store at the mall? You will notice there are beautiful color metal rings of niobium. Have you ever wondered how the same pure metal could produce so many different colors? Niobium changes colors when it is anodized, or when a current runs through the metal. When electricity runs through the metal, a thin layer of an oxide forms on the surface. Different voltages produce different layers of oxides. The surface of niobium is colored because of the way light diffracts through the oxide layer….

“We’ve already talked about how niobium is used in jewelry because it can form rainbows of color. Another reason niobium is used in jewelry is because it is hypoallergenic, which means not many people have allergic reactions to it. It’s also used in medical applications such as pacemakers and prosthetics because of its hypoallergenic properties.”

We feel that Silver Seeds of Liberty vibrate in harmony with the electro-magnetic vibrations of Niobium — and they look great dangling from dark Niobium ear wires!


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